Sunday, September 18, 2005

Tonight I soldered the opposite rail and began measuring and drilling holes for the adjacent rails
All in all it was a good sail but I find I really enjoy building more than sailing! We probably won't go out again this season. As the fall approaches and the pond fills up with leaves, it becomes quite difficult to sail.
There was still quite a bit of water in the boat - I don't think it was coming from the bow thruster (which I haven't hooked up to power yet) - It must be coming through the prop shafts - I don't know.
the boat is really coming together nicely - we got tons of compliments and 'wow, nice boat' comments on each block as we walked to the park
went out to the boat pond this afternoon - the park was very crowded - too crowded -boat sailed fine but I turned very well in one direction but not so good in the other direction. I checked the rudders and they were both positioned and moving fine.