Saturday, September 17, 2005

I then started working on the opposite railing - soldering tomorrow.
I adjusted slightly - which will require some putty and repainting - but I am more satisfied with the results
I drilled holes to insert the rail ends - even though I measured carefully, they looked off
After a bit, I finally finished - the result was pretty good - the argles are quite straight and I didn't melt the plastic.
I also switched to my soldering iron - the result was a bit better
I ran to radio shack and picked up some desoldering braid
I didn't have much success with the torch - I created this mess
I lined up the railing and applied the flux
started work today on soldering the railing together. Here are the materials - a torch, heat sinks, solder and flux. The bottle warmer, rubber gloves and coffee maker were not used.