Wednesday, September 07, 2005

more painting by rattle can. I must say that I used water soluble tamiya acrylic satin black on the parts I painted black over Krylon grey primer. The finish actually looks pretty good with no real runs or other unsightly glaring mistakes. That is why I kind of like the airbrush - I see if I get better what I will be capable of doing. What I hate about it is that it is a long way from where I am until I get to that point. And as many modelers have said - a good model can be ruined by a bad paint job. We try our best and next time - do better!
Back to the even worse white Krylon rattle cans for painting the white hatches and vents - I actually prefer the airbrush but it is a bear to clean up - the rattle can is just too easy.
The towing thing - now satin black - you can see that the paint was flowing but sort of spitting as it came out - I know I had too much of something or not enough of something else but I will figure this out in time.
My love / hate relationship with my airbrush continues - I am using a Paache VL double action with a 1/10 horsepower compressor. It is like a one-eyed spitting snake. It is a pain to mix the paints and it makes an absolute mess - I am obviously doing something wrong. Despite my toubles, the bollards are black and deck things are black too.