Saturday, August 06, 2005

Here is the top part of the mast - it is made of two styrene sections sandwiched together. I roughed them out, sanded them and then glued together. I will sand them together, then putty.
After making the slots for the steps and putting them in place, I had to fill the gaps with putty along the side.
continuing on the main mast assembly - here I sanded the putty off the supports and glued in the triangle shaped things.
We needed to incrase the weight in the back of the boat so the propellers could bite into the water. I am not adding permenant weight yet - the rest of the fittings and winches will probably add a fair amount of weight. There was also quite a bit of water in the boat. I think this entered through the bow thruster - I will have to put a couple of sponges in for the next run.
That huge pipe in the back of the boat is there for a reason. The problem was that the boat was way too light - the rear props were practically out of the water - I learned the term "cavitation".
We did have a stowe away - there was a dragonfly that we could not seem to shake off the boat - it just would not leave.
The boat handled very well.
Took the Aziz out for her second sail - the boat pond was very flat