Sunday, June 05, 2005

Back to construction - got a late start but I started working on the rain deflectors - They are cut, filed, sanded and ready to glue tomorrow
My son sitting next to the boat (face blurred for privacy), he especially enjoys when people approach asking questions. He immediately states, "there is a lot more detail, we are still working on the boat, this is just a test run". And when the little kids come over, he says a forceful, "please do not touch the boat"
A shot of the actual boathouse - you need a permit to keep your sailboats in there - they do not allow motorized boats - not that we would leave it there anyway.
Another shot showing the Aziz in the boatpond. We were there quite early before the sailboats were out.
the boat didn't go all that fast - I guess part of the reason was that the propellers were halfway out of the water. If the water looks an unusual color, it is from the amout of chemicals they put in the water to kill all sorts of bad stuff that would grow otherwise.
another picture - as you can see it is very high in the water
Much better success today - reversed the props, made sure the motors were rotating in the proper direction - checked the rudder and off we went