Thursday, June 02, 2005

You can see the huge gap between the waterline on the boat and where the water comes up to. The bow thruster isn't below the water. All I can say is that at least if floats without leaks!
Here is a shot of the Aziz in our bathtub - I wanted to see where I should place the battery so the boat doesn't list to one side. It turns out that the boat is way too light. I have to add the superstructure and all of the detailing but I doubt this will weigh it down enough. It seems that I will have to add quite a bit of weight - the whole boat needs to come down about two inches.
Here is the RX tucked against the hull - given the distance from the RX to the rudder servo and the esc - this was the only place I could put it without extending one set of wires. I hope I am not mixing my "clean" and "dirty" wires. It seems to be far enough away from the motor. We shall see.
Saturday morning is quickly approaching - here I am making the electronic connections. You can see the terminal block connecting the electronic speed control to the motors. I couldn't get the motors to work - it took me a while I didn't program the esc correctly. After reading the instructions, I was able to get it to work - althought, it looks like I am going to have to program it each time I connect the battery.