Monday, May 16, 2005

I think I will have to try again - Although going back to the brush, doesn't seem to be a bad alternative. I have a book on airbrushing that I will read through again - now I can put the suggestions into context. Sanding away my problems seems to be a good thing to do. Hopefully the wheelhouse will turn out better. The way I look at it, my first model, the Robbe Paula III didn't come out very good. This one is coming out better and I should be able to improve going forward. I am still having fun although times like these are a little frustrating - but having fun is the only reason for doing this.
I know it is a bad job
At the risk of horrifying my small audience - you can see the runs - the shame is that it is still grey!
Here is the result - it still looks fairly grey - Since I already had a coat of white, it was difficult to see how much it was covering. I didn't move the airbrush enough and got even more runs than when I used the rattle can. A sorry sight!
I practiced a little on a cardboard box - I didn't have any old models to practice on - not much paint seemed to be coming out and the stream was fairly narrow. I figuered after the fact that I had in the wrong needle.
Next, down to the basement garbage room to airbrush! I fired up my compressor and... ...nothing. Nothing came out. I tried diluting the paint with more thinner and finally paint came sputtering out.
Glued wheelhouse
Here I put the floor in place (the wheelhouse is built upside down) just to check for proper fit. I was pleased
Started out tonight by gluing the wheelhouse together.