Sunday, May 15, 2005

Here is a mock up of the wheelhouse assembly - tomorrow I will probably start gluing it together. I will use WHITE PRIMER rather than grey.
I was told to do a 2 parts paint to one part thinner to start out with - to do this by eye, I first poured the paint into the airbrush bottle - next I marked off the bottom and the top of where the paint came to. I then marked off the midpoint. In this case the level was 20 millimeters - half was 10, so I made another mark ten millimeters above the top mark and viola, this is where I needed to fill the thinner to (I actually put in a little less). Tomorrow I will airbrush the superstructure!
One step closer to airbrushing. The first step is thinning the paint. I searched the internet for the proper thinner to use for Humbrol and white mineral spirits kept coming up as the best. A suggestion was made to mix the thinners and paint on glass to see if they combined properly - the result you can see plainly.