Saturday, May 14, 2005

Finally, back to fabrication - enough with painting! I still have quite a lot of fabrication to do on the wheelhouse and other assemblies.
Here is the second coat of Humbrol Matt Deck Green applied. I will need to touch up but it seems to have gone on smoothly. I applied by brush. I think I will try to mask off and apply a third coat with my airbrush.
Here you can the uneven paint job I did with the Tamiya rattle-can. Also on the top left-hand corner of the stack I tried to re-apply Hombrol Matt White - I will use this as a test to see if it crazes - you can clearly see the grey primer under the white.

I have learned a number of things which I can apply to the wheelhouse. First, I will use white primer. Second, I will stick with one paint, Hombrol (for better or worse). Third - I will airbrush a couple of coats of flat white over the primer before the satin white. Fourth, I will wait to put on white metal fittings and rails until the painteing is done.
Here you can see some of the crazing - this was due to my putting the Tamiya paint over the hombrol. I sanded it down so it shouldn't look as bad.