Wednesday, May 11, 2005

I painted the inside of the floodlight silver to simulate the reflector. I also painted the housing white. I picked up some clear styrene which I will use as the lens. I am pretty discoraged tonight with my superstructure painting debacle - I am packing it in early tonight -
Here is the propeller with a second coat of the Hubrol bronze - coverage was much better which gives me some encoragement.

the hard part

Everything seems to have gone pretty soothly until now. It appears that I will not be able to avoid painting the model. I used rattle-can primer which worked very well - until the problems with the superstructure. I used rattle-cans for the hull and this went fairly well.

Now the superstructure appears to be a problem. First, I made a major mistake in putting on many of the fittings before painting. The correct way is to paint, then put on rails and stairs. I also used a dark primer (gray) under a light color (white).

Instead of using an airbrush to paint the superstructure white, I took the advice of someone at a local hobby shop and used Tamiya Matt White (in a rattle can) - It appears that I botched it up - I didn't keep the spraycan moving and have quite a few runs. This will mean sanding and more painting. I think the tamiya matt white will be a pretty good primer and I can use either Humbrol or Testors Model Master over this (they are all oil based enamels so I don't think I will have a problem).

I will have to practice with the airbrush before I take another crack at painting the superstructure. I will have to let a few days pass before I sand and repaint.

I am discoraged but I am hoping thatI will be able to correct my disaster with the superstructure. I have learned quite a bit and will be able to do a better job on the wheelhouse.

I am also going to have to plan out how I am going to paint the rest of the model more carefully. I think there will be quite a bit of sanding, masking and painting both with airbrush and brush.

The problem is that the process is probalby going to go much slower as it take me a while to build up enough guts to go to the basement and start painting.

Wish me luck...