Wednesday, January 26, 2005

I then put the hull back on the "bench" - acutally a folding card table - and the "y" axis was a bit off - I did some more measuring and was 1/16 of an inch off - to be continued...

I drilled a pilot hole and then drilled a larger hole to fit a 1/4 inch dowel through. I then put the dowel through and checked the line of the "x" axis - it looked fine. Posted by Hello

The bowthruster - I carefully measured out the position of the bowthruster using a waterline marker for the "y" axis and a piece of masking tape for the "x" axis.  Posted by Hello
Here is a picture of the Robbe 1486 bowthruster I am going to install. It is a different diameter than the dummy bow thruster supplied with the boat so I can't use the plans to position it. The Robbe is 34mm as opposed to 22mm and since it is shorter, it has to be positioned further up toward the bow.