Sunday, January 16, 2005

Previously I used a flap wheel to smooth the insides of the hull. It was still fairly rough and the intention was to use some body filler and then sand down. I ordered some Evercoat Polyester Glazing putty from Ketone Automotive along with some Plastik Honey (filler thinner). I mixed some putty with the honey and hardening cream and spread it over the area with my fingers (in surgical gloves of course!) I then waited about 15 minutes and sanded down with some 120 and 220 wet and dry. I was pretty pleased with the results.

Next was attaching the arms to the rudder shaft - these will eventually be connected with 1.5 mm wire to the servo. A notch had to be filed in the rudder shaft in order to get the screw through the arm. I used the Proxxon (Dremel type) tool with the diamond cut-off disk to notch the stainless steel shaft. I then cut off the top of the shaft so the deck would be interfered with. You can also see the E6000 which I used on top of the epoxy. It is pretty thin and ran all over the place. Posted by Hello

Here is another picture from a slightly different angle. Posted by Hello

Here is a picture of the rudder blade halves attached. You can see how much cleaner glue lines are with CA rather than epoxy. Posted by Hello