Friday, January 07, 2005

White metal fitting for running gear are now flash-free, sanded and washed. You can see in the picture how the parts shine. They are still pretty rough from the molding but primer should smooth them out.  Posted by Hello

Cleaning up Nozzels

Here is what I accomplished tonight - tomorrow we will see if the squadron putty was the right stuff

Before and after

Project for the next few nights is going to be cleaning up the white metal fitting for the running gear. I am starting off with the nozzels. I spent about an hour trying to figure out the proper type of filler to use - I don't know what type of metal it is but settled on Squadron White Putty. If it all comes off after I sand it, I will know I used the wrong stuff. On the left is the finished nozzel, the one on the right is how it came out of the box. I started by scraping off the flash and mold lines with a scapel and then used various grades of sandpaper to get a uniform surface. Since it is formed using two pieces there was a large gap in the center which I filled and will then sand. Posted by Hello