Thursday, January 06, 2005

the completed holes - now I just need to do some filing and sanding to fit the prop shaft tubes properly. Posted by Hello

next step was fully open the holes to 8mm and then use a razor saw to cut out the remaining material - you can see the cuttout below to the left Posted by Hello

second was to drill pilot holes that will be eventually opened to 8mm. Posted by Hello

The main project tonight was to continue cutting holes in the hull for the running gear. I had to make a 25mm by 8mm hole on each side of the hull. First step was to mark it off.  Posted by Hello

Tonight I started out by washing (with soap and water) the white metal parts that will be used to assemble the running gear, cort nozzels and rudder. This is to remove any oils, grease or any other substance from the manufacturing process. The parts will need to be filled, filed and sanded at a later point in time.  Posted by Hello