Tuesday, September 13, 2005

When I peeled the tape back, I was pretty happy with my result. I am by no means an expert modeller and make quite a few mistakes but it came out ok. I guess when building your first model, you strive for perfection but never quite get there - this probably goes for your hundreth model as well. If I got caught up in all of the mistakes I am making - this would not be an enjoyable project. Learning to live with imperfection is an important trait in this type of hobby. I am not 100% completely happy with the paint job throughout - I guess I could strip the whole thing down and repaint. For that matter I could just start working on a new Aziz kit and not make all the mistakes I make. If I did that, I would wind up building a dozen Azizs. Best to do my best, learn and move on. Try your best - do better next time.


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